The AddressCheck System

AddressCheck provides web services that are designed to help to verify and enrich address data originating from subscription or registration forms in the web sites of its users. Most services deal with the analysis and interpretation of various aspects of e-mail addresses. Others take a look at the domains the addresses are related to, or combine the address and domain data with information from external data sources.

The AddressCheck system is purely based on web services, so it can be easily integrated into the web sites or programming frameworks of its users. Simple to use was an important requirement for the design of the system, so AddressCheck provides REST web services, that are very easy to integrate. Most public services are just normal GET calls on a URL, which even can be executed in a web browser. Only the internal administration interface needs a little bit more effort.

As a B2B application AddressCheck provides no self-registration by customers. Registration must go through external, organizational channels. Only after the authentication data of new users has been entered into the system by the staff, can these users access the system’s services. So AddressCheck is protected by authentication, but since there is almost no personal data transferred and stored, this protection is the easiest possible, HTTP Basic authentication with login and password.

The system stores no user data except the logging data for API calls that are necessary for billing and troubleshooting. Even this data is only stored temporarily. Since AddressCheck itself has no billing infrastructure, the business even data will be extracted periodically from the system and processed elsewhere.