Public Profiles

Public Gravatar Profile Check

Checks if there is a Gravatar account for the given e-mail address.

Syntax …/svc/2.0/address/gravatar/<address>
Example …/svc/2.0/address/gravatar/
Parameter An ASCII email address as last part of the URL


  • result:
    • 0: Profile does not exist
    • 1: Profile exists
    • 2: internal Error occured e.g. connection error
  • url: link to the Gravatar profile


Tests whether a Gravatar profile exists by sending an HTTP GET Request to the Gravatar API.

Public Gravatar Profile Information

The service tests whether there exists a Gravatar account to the given email address and outputs the information about the user found within the Gravatar profile.

Syntax …/svc/2.0/info/gravatar/<address>
Example …/svc/2.0/info/gravatar/
Parameter An ASCII email address as last part of the URL


    <formattedname>Max Mustermann</formattedname>
       <ims>icq, NUMBER</ims>
       <ims>skype, USERNAME</ims>
    <adr>Deutschland, Berlin</adr>
    <note>Ich bin nur ein Beispiel.</note>
       <phone>mobile, NUMBER</phone>
       <phone>work, NUMBER</phone>


         "note":"Ich bin nur ein Beispiel.",
         "formattedname":"Max Mustermann",
         "adr":"Deutschland, Berlin",
         "phonenumbers":["mobile, NUMBER","work, NUMBER"],
         "instantmessaging":["icq, NUMBER",
                    "skype, USERNAME"]}}
Field Description
url link to the Gravatar profile
familyname the familyname of the contact
givenname the givenname of the contact
formattedname representation of the complete name. Consists of givenname and familyname (if both are available).
nickname the nickname used in Gravatar
thumbnail link to the thumbnail picture. In Gravatar it is possible to define a picture for all used e-mail addresses. The picture here belongs to the primary e-mail address.
adr the location of the contact. This field does not have a standardized format.
accounts links to other public accounts like facebook or twitter accounts
instantmessaging instantmessagingservice and identifier pairs for contacting e.g. "icq", <number>
phonenumbers pairs of the type of a number and the number itself e.g. "work", <number>
websites urls of websites the contact has linked to in his profile
emails email addresses of the contact
note description (max. 255 characters)
  • Note:
    • The only two profile fields which are garanteed to be filled when the account exists is the url and the nickname.
    • The structure of a Gravatar profile is related to vCards. So the type of the phonenumbers could also be used “as is” within a vCard.


If no profile for the address is found, the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).