The blacklist info API call returns information about various blacklist resources, according to the resource type.

ParameterAn info ID (local part or domain name) as last part of the URL


    <remarks>Administrative address for problem reports with a domain</remarks>


  "id": "abuse",
  "listType": 2,
  "owner": "",
  "remarks": "Administrative address for problem reports with a domain",
  "url": ""

The result document contains:

  • id: the ID of the resource
  • listType: the type of the blacklist resource
    • 1: the domain name belongs to a blacklist provider
    • 2: the local part of the address will probably cause blacklisting; examples are administrative addresses like *abuse@…* or *spam@…*
  • owner: if the resource represents a blacklist provider this contains the name of the owning entity
  • remarks: further details about the blacklist resource
  • url: a URL for further information about the blacklist provider, e.g. contact information


The service looks for the ID in the blacklist table and returns the information. If successful (response code 200) the service will return a document with inofrmation about the requested blacklist resource. If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).

Each execution of the check will be documented as a business event (database table business_event) with type 109.