This section documents the public part of the AddressCheck API that is available for customers. The public API provides only GET requests. Customers can only request information about resources, they can’t create or modify anything.

Please note that the public API is designed to give the caller almost always an answer useful to him or her. Customers are shielded from technical problems, they should never get a 500 Server Error response. Errors and problems are logged to the server logs, which therefore should be monitored constantly.

Since the users of the public API cannot modify resources in the system, there is no user data to protect. The only user data used by ADC is the user account. This account is a very slim entity, just providing enough information for authentication, account name, password and user group, nothing else.

The only user related data items that ADC generates are business events that contain data about each call of the public API. The data generated is primarily used for billing, but can also be used for troubleshooting.

  • “No Advertising” Household Check
  • Address Quality
  • Address Syntax
  • Blacklist Resource
  • Blacklist Risk Check
  • Bot Risk
  • Botrisk Resource
  • Challenge Response Risk
  • Company Domain
  • Company Domain Resource
  • Disposable Address
  • Disposable Address Resource
  • Education Domain
  • Education Domain Resource
  • Gender and Names
  • Gravatar Check
  • IWT Domain
  • Languages
  • Mailserver Diagnosis
  • Public Service Domains
  • Robinsons Lists
  • Role Analysis
  • Spam traps
  • Syntax Warnings