The company info API call returns information about company resources.

ParameterAn ID (domain name) as the last part of the URL

The company domain resources contain descriptions that are language-specific, the economic classifications. To get these descriptions in a specific language, add a HTTP Accept-language header to the request. The service will then return the descriptions in the requested language, if available, otherwise in the default language defined for each schema.


    <orgName>Bar.Com GmbH</orgName>
    <addressStreet>Barstrasse 11</addressStreet>
            <description>Herstellung von Kraftwagen und Kraftwagenteilen</description>
    </ classifications>


     "orgName":"Bar.Com GmbH",
     "addressStreet":"Barstrasse 11",
     "countryCode": "de",
     "addressLatitude": 11.000001,
     "addressLongitude": 49.111110,
     "classifications": [
        {"id":"34","text":"Herstellung von Kraftwagen und Kraftwagenteilen", "type": "wz2003", "lang": "de"}

The structure of the result document is:


The service looks up the ID in the company_domain table, adds the economic classifications via the company_domain_classification and economic_classification tables, and returns the combined result. If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).

The descriptive texts for the economic classifications are read from static property files. These are available in different languages. The service will try to find the best match for the language specified in the Accept-language header, or fall back to a default language if it cannot.

The available language editions are:

  • wz2003: default = de, available = de
  • wz2008: default = en, available = de, en
  • nace2: default = en, available = bg, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, fi, fr, hu, it, lt, lv, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr
  • isic4: default = en, available = en, es, fr

Each execution of the call will be documented as a business event (database table business_event) with type 120.

Please note that a company domain entity contains three items that are reserved for future use:

  • legal form: the name of the company’s legal form
  • staff: the number of people working for it
  • revenue: some revenue number

These items are fully integrated but there is currently no data available in the static company table, so they will not appear in the output.