The botrisk info API call returns information about botrisk resources. Bots can be identified by their naming patterns, which are documented here.

ParameterAn ID (number) as the last part of the URL (with prefix `a:` for an address and `m:` for a mailexchanger name)


    <owner>A botrisk provider name</owner>
    <remarks>Details about the bot, its maintainer</remarks>


  "botRiskType": 1,
  "id": "",
  "owner": "A botrisk provider name",
  "remarks": "Details about the bot, its maintainer",
  "url": ""

The structure of the result document is:

  • botRiskType: the part of the address or pattern that lead to the risk estimation
    • 1: domain name
    • 2: local part
    • 3: complete mail address
    • 4: regular expression
    • 5: botrisk mailexchanger
  • id: resource ID
  • owner: the name of the maintaining entity, if known
  • remarks: details about the resource
  • url: a URL with more informtion about the bot, its maintainer


If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).

Each execution of the call will be documented as a business event (database table business_event) with type 113.